Free Game Maker 2.8.2 School Edition and Water Wars Edition for Windows and Linux Released!

February 2, 2013 in Free Game Maker News by Mike

Head over to the download section and pick up Platinum Arts Sandbox Free Game Maker 2.8.2!

The School Edition has the Water Gun shooting removed so it is a lot more kid friendly for a school environment. Beyond that it has exactly the same functionality! If schools have suggestions to improve on the School Edition then please contact me!

A big thanks goes out to for sponsoring the sidescroller changes made in this version!

To provide feedback please visit the 2.8.2 forum post 🙂

Here is the changelog for 2.8.2!!!
Generic changes
* as a fallback, entities without a dedicated QuickEdit GUI will generate one with fallback dummy attributes with a range of -10000 –> 10000 (fixed)
* embed mapmodel previews into mapmodel quickedit menu”

SSP Changes
* allow pickup_armour types to have arbitrary icons and colours set for them.
* basic Goomba level AI
* DJUMP armour, simpler version of the FLY armour that allows only one jump in the air.
* homing mines and grenade projectile types.
* various tweaks,cleanup and optimisation
* platforms

Generic Bugfixes
* Allow uitoggle elements to have tooltips like other uibutton derived types
* Fix material filter in the edit menu
* Possible crash from showenttext 0

FPS Bugfixes
* correct spacetf typo
* renamed “banana” entities back to ‘base”
* fix range for ‘playermodel’

RPG bugfixes
* Fix calculation of extra empty inventory, barter and looting buttons.
* Fix some potential crashes, such as when r_setref was called outside of a game.

SSP Bugfixes
* enemies are no longer simulated in editmode with the ability to hurt the player.
* fly/doublejump armour no longer causes enemies to jetpack upwards

Take care and enjoy 2.8.2!!