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The Status Of Sandbox

March 8, 2015 in Free Game Maker News by Mike

I deeply apologize for how long it takes me to post updates! I assure you I think about Sandbox all the time but lately I have been working 10+ hours and I help coach kids too. Sandbox is a big hit with the kids I work with so I am actually using it personally and thinking about how to make it better all the time. The problem for me is that I’m a Designer, not a coder.

The good news is that a friend of mine is a fantastic coder that works for Samsung and he is working on a new very enhanced version of Cube 2. If things work out then it will most likely be the base for Sandbox Pro and new games created by me. When things are a little further along I will be sure to post it!

While you are waiting for updates feel free to check out the new stories I have been writing. They are for the kids I work with but I’m sure you will enjoy them too. You can read them and also check out some awesome art at Thank you for your support and patience! Take care 🙂
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Massive Changes To Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker

October 11, 2014 in Free Game Maker News, Highlight, Make A Game by Mike

This may be an unpopular announcement but I’m going to be getting back to the basics of Cube 2. Hirato is too busy to help with his new job and I’m not that great at coding so I need to do things in a way I understand. What this means is that I am going to be simplifying things greatly. Instead of having all of the different modes I will be having one main codebase which will be the FPS. I will be starting with a very basic version of Cube 2 and then adding in the features from 2.7.x that I like since I am not fond of the 2.8.x menus. I will also be having my kids at school helping out and also I will be removing a lot of content so that the project will be much more lightweight. The focus will be on ease of use for level design, Unity compatibility and support, and some fun features like tag mode and I’m hoping a grappling hook and freeze tag mode that I found in the Cube 2 repository. I hope you understand and will support me. I would be happy to have any help that people would like to offer. You can see the new barebones repo that I have started to put together. It is as basic as you can get but I have a todo list in the documents folder. Thank you for your time! Take care.

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Platinum Arts Sandbox Reloaded Github

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Local Downloads Have Returned!

August 16, 2014 in Free Game Maker News, Highlight by Mike

I’m excited to announce that the downloads page for Sandbox is fully working again! My host finally let me put the downloads back up so there they are! I’m hoping I can have the SVNs hosted again too. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Meet Neurosphere!

August 9, 2014 in Free Game Maker News by Mike

I would like to introduce to you the band members of Neurosphere! They are the awesome heavy metal band that we will be working with for future games!

They also did the theme song for my previous project, the Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing. Check it out!

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Small Updates Are Better Than No Updates!

July 19, 2014 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

I apologize that things have been quiet lately. We have been trying out a lot of different options and I really want to make sure we get the “base” set for how we move forward with Sandbox, both for the school edition and for the Steam version. Once we get that set, especially the scripting aspect there will be a lot more frequent updates. The scripting stuff is so important to set early on and get right because if we change after people have already made stuff it will screw everyone up so I rather get that taken care of first and then go from there. I hope everyone has been well and thank you for your support 🙂