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Student Whose Life Was Changed By Sandbox

February 17, 2014 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

This is just one example of someone’s life who was changed by Sandbox! There are many more but this is from a student of mine. Thank you David for permission to share it!

Hey mike
As I’m sure you noticed I was just accepted into RPI for their Game & Simulation arts and Sciences program which is game design, my dream. I couldn’t express in words of how thankful I am to have met you in my life. Truly without you I would not be going to RPI. You introduced me to game making and made me sure thats what I want to do. I got much needed practice and experience in the field from you. By entering us into the RPI competition was the icing on the cake for me, which once again was thanks to you. Without you I don’t know if I would be going to RPI or be still interested in this field. My 94 average did not get me into RPI, my portfolio and work got me in. and that consists of all sandbox things. I can sit here all day and tell you in each different way of how its thanks to you that I’m getting in but I think you get the point. This isn’t a common thank you letter, i mean from the bottom of my heart that I wouldn’t be accepted if it wasn’t for you. I’m not exaggerating I know 100%. You are a true inspiration for me and other people that know you. I have had, do and will look up to you for the rest of my life. You stuck with me through all my horrible maps, and childish immature nature and without your patience and time my life would be completely different.
On another note I know you’ve heard it a billion times from me but im starting to map again to redo ogro. I truelly enjoy that game. With senior year, and colleges I have been super busy as I’m sure you are and I’ve planned out most of the game and am about to start mapping.
thank you so much again for everything you’ve done to me. and i really hope to talk to you soon!
-Your little prodigy
David (Wolf)

by Mike

Sign Up For Our Newsletter To Keep Updated On Our Kickstarter!

December 14, 2013 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

In the next week or two we will be starting the Kickstarter for our new version so you can sign up for our Newsletter to stay updated on the latest developments! If you would like to see some of the features we are planning on adding you can check out this forum post and feel free to let us know what you’d like added and make comments about our decisions 🙂 Our goal is to make the coding side much easier and more accessible especially for people just starting out. There are many other cool features planned too! More updates soon!

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Free Games Giveaway On Our Sister Site!

October 11, 2013 in Uncategorized by Mike

If you are interested in winning a free copy of Torchlight head on over to and enter to win a copy! It is completely free to enter and there will be lots more games given away each week so even if you already own Torchlight check back for lots more games to be given away!

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Sandbox Advancement Committee Forum Section, Games & Projects Page and Free Game Giveaway Soon!

October 9, 2013 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

For those interested in helping to advance Sandbox into its next generation I have created a forum section called the Sandbox Advancement Committee.  I’d eventually like to form a solid team to help the progression of Sandbox such as having people run contests, have a marketing team, etc!  Ideas are certainly welcome!

I have created a Games & Projects page so anyone interested in having their game or project on the page please contact me at with a game or project summary and the link to your project and I’d be happy to post it!

Also at my other site I’m going to be doing the GRAND RELAUNCH of the site and my plan for it is to try give away a free game (or more) every 48 hours! The first game giveaway should be either be 10/9, 10/10! Just waiting on an issue to be resolved with our server host regarding account signups.

Thank you for your time and take care!

by Mike

Meeting Saturday 9/28 Noon EST On The Future Of Sandbox

September 26, 2013 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

Please join us on Saturday at Noon EST for a meeting on the future of Sandbox!  To join us you can either click on THIS LINK or use an IRC client to join us at #Sandbox

In the meeting we will be discussing the future of Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker and more specifically the commercial edition.  The reason for doing a commercial edition is so that I can pay coders and content creators to help advance Sandbox and truly make it the best game maker it can be.  We’ll be doing a Kickstarter and also putting it on Steam Greenlight.  I don’t plan on making it expensive but price range is also something we can talk about. I want it to be easily affordable but also enough so I can form a quality team and really help push Sandbox forward.  The commercial version of Sandbox will feature a new graphical engine and the older graphical engine versions will still be completely free. Also the commercial edition will still be of course completely open source.  I’d like to port back what cool features I can from the commercial version to the older version too if possible!

For more information on ideas we have for the Kickstarter and things we’ll be discussing please head over to the FORUM ANNOUNCEMENT POST.  Any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome!  If you feel like I left something off the list that was in the wishlist thread please feel free to mention it again!

Thank you for your time and for any help making Sandbox the best game editor it can be!  If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in that forum thread!  Take care 🙂