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A simple index of problems that may be encountered, and what to do if the program problem you encountered isn't listed here

List of BUGS which aren't BUGS

  • Cannot load core textures

SOLUTION: The reason there was a (clickheretostart).bat and a sauerbraten_unix script available, was so that people would click them instead of trying to execute the binaries in their own directories. so try one of those scripts instead.

SOLUTION2: Move the executable up one directory and try it there.

  • my map looks all weird
A screenshot of corrupted geometry

SOLUTION: try recalculating the map geometry, sometimes something that interprets them changes and causes the bugs, see the right for a screenshot of an example of such an effect. (valid game commands are /remip )
IF you're still encountering problems, then send in a bug report

  • The sound is crackling

SOLUTION: this is a bug with SDL_Mixer 1.2.*, well, it's not really a bug. SDL_Mixer defaults to a frequency of 22050 and this causes the crackling. you can modify frequency ingame with /soundfreq, or if you compiled the binary yourself, modify the header file to default to 44100
NOTE: if you're on linux, and use alsa, and the above doesn't fix it, be assured it's a known bug.

  • Endless Loops

SOLUTION: don't make any execute any functions that execute itself with no pause, eg "test = [test]", and don't forget the odd syntax for the while loops, while [(< $i 5)] [echo (+ $i 1); i = (+ $i 1)]

Bug Reports

If you encounter a bug, we would honestly love to know about it. well, maybe not 'love' but we really would like them. All software has bugs, even the engine we use. not to mention we create many ourselves. the best way to do it is to send in a bug report. When compiling the report, we need you to be descriptive of it.

  • We need to be able to recreate it
  • We need to know what you did
  • We need to know when you were doing it (like after pulling up some cubes, etc)
  • we need to know if it was multiplayer

If you have a backtrace, the list pretty much just goes down to 'what did you do' As we're slightly incompetent programmers, we will be sending the bug report to the sauerbraten developers if we establish that it's not a problem we're to blame for it's cause.

Sending backtraces


to do this on linux, you need to compile your own client, a custom makefile set up for debugging is also needed; we provide one, so use the following command to build the bin

make clean && make -f Makefile.debug install

Next up, run gdb in your console (in the main directory) and type in

file bin/debug_client

to run the executable "run" followed by any wanted commandline options, "-r -t" is recommended. Once sandbox crashes, type "bt" to call up the backtrace, and copy that into a file and send it to us.


when PAS crashes, you should see a small window with a backtrace, press ctrl + print screen, open paint, or gimp, or photo shot and paste the image in there, feel free to crop it to the window, but we'd prefer to get the console as well, please use PNG, or JPG if you intend to send these :)

alternatively you can just copy the backtrace word for word into a text document and send it to us