How to create mountains, ponds, and oceans

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Creating mountains ponds or oceans is simple, just do this:

  • Open the map you want to make any of them on.
  • If you want a steep hill or water reservoir then set gridsize smaller, if you want it not to be that steep set it bigger. (to change gridsize hold G and scroll youyr mousewheel)
  • fly a bit higher in editmode for better view.
  • make sure nothing is selected and press H
  • start scrolling, if you scroll forward a hole will appear, if backward a hill will appear.
  • Just experiment until you have the result you wanted.
  • If you want a water reservoir, then just select the bottom of the hole, then the edges around the hole, so the whole hole is selected
  • Then press F3 and select materials.
  • click on Water and voila you have a pond or an ocean or whatever you wanted :P

Tutorial by Siimvuss