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this page is simply a list of ALL art assets within sandbox which are incompatible with the DFSG, replacements for them are highly desirable. The items are arranged by license.

if you're a musician, sound technician, 3D modeler, texture artist or any combination of and wanted to get your work into sandbox; NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!


Our purpose of making sandbox fully DFSG complaint is to make it even easier for people to just get down to things and start their project without having to worry about the licenses of the bundled content.

We want our users to be able to modify the bundled assets as they see fit, sell their creations if they're so inclined and redistribute their modifications without having to navigate a legal minefield.

In addition the result of this effort would also allow third party distributors to bundle sandbox without having to implement any weird workarounds or worry about any legal issues. For example, the Debian GNU/Linux distribution can now include a custom tailored deb package for sandbox in their repositories as opposed to including a script that downloads sandbox from our servers and extracts the files to their intended destinations. This also has further ramifications and would allow more Education tailored distros to include sandbox on the disc or even as a package that's installed by default!

Compliant licenses

This is just a short list of licenses we recommend contributors user, for further instruction on what makes a license DFSG complaint, please consult the DFSG itself. We recommend that code specific licenses not be adopted for art.

  • Creative Commons - Attribution
  • Creative Commons - Attribution + Share-alike (recommended)
  • Creative Commons 0 (aka CC0)
  • MIT/X11

High Priority Items

These are items we urgently need replacements for, sandbox simply cannot function without a suitable replacement.


Many of our models are licensed for use in sandbox only, we would love to replace these. The following is listed in order of importance.

  • Player Models (high priority!)
  • Creatures
  • Vegetation
  • Generic objects

Medium Priority

These are items we need replacements for, but sandbox can continue to function normally without them

Sounds Effects


Low Priority

These are items for which we have some alternatives, replacement is neither urgent or required


  • Evil 8 texture pack
    • CC-BY-NC-ND, a set of sci-fi themed textures, the trak5 set serves as an adequate replacement
  • painkillah
    • CC-BY-NC-SA, a set of textures resembling stain glass windows, pretty but without a viable replacement
  • golgotha
    • license is contradictory (Public domain + free for non-comemrcial use), the textures are essentially unused