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hi one i know my computer is not up to most standers two. i need help with quests and getting spells, characters to talk, and a few thousand other things. My fish stay in one place so do all of my models even the ones i am sure are so post to move this is how it is when i add it. also i really have been looking hard on how to do other things one, what they said about picking stuff up, way off for me, i had to go to the village and look at there stuff, that has yet to work for quests and stuff! SO if any one has any info on how to do and i mean any thing this is my e mail or you can use or post on hear what ever floats your boat! if you use e mail pleas title it snadbox game help thank you!

PS ANYTHING is helpful, i am starting to get very fed up with the whole thing! I would like to get my fist one done before the snow flies or i delete the program and look for something less confusing or more me and my computer friendly !!! also i really do not want to delete the program i like it a lot i just have issues with it

thank you and send all the help you possibly can thanks