D.’s Sandbox – A free minecraft like game – 1-17-2016 Update

January 17, 2016 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

I’ve been working on a Modern City Builder Subgame for D.’s Sandbox which will be included in a new test build that I plan to release soon! It includes:
* Asphalt, Road signs, etc
* Cars
* Wiring and the ability to generate electricity
* Pipes and the ability to move liquids
* Farming with lots of new fruits and vegetables
* Skin changing
* Minecarts and some different rails

Also I still am planning on doing some youtube videos explaining about my current goals with D.’s Sandbox and also Sandbox Game Maker. Please feel free to comment about D.’s Sandbox and this post in the forums!

Here is also some D. Art for you to enjoy 🙂
12583629_578050432347490_402957156_nD. Atom 1

D. 2      D. 1

d. Atom 2