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How I Greet People – Play Animation For My Students / Kids

March 12, 2017 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

The beginning of D. animations!! I’ll be using Sandbox to create the backgrounds!! 🙂 I’ll be posting small hopefully fun test animations on youtube and I really hope people enjoy them.

I’m messing around with Blender and trying to learn the basics of animation so that I can teach my students. This animation is based on how I wave and point to the kids when I see them so hopefully they get a kick out of it 🙂 I’m hoping to do some D. related fun animations soon as well! I really hope you all like it.

Thank you chagas1983 for the model and rig!

by Mike

Video Updates for Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker and MAGE – Make A Game Experience

November 26, 2016 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

FINALLY a video update of what’s going on with Platinum Arts especially Platinum Arts Sandbox free 3D Game Maker and MAGE aka Make A Game Experience, formerly known as D.’s Sandbox. I hope to do a lot more videos in the future and we have a trailer for MAGE in the works. There are a lot of updates happening at including the release of a beta of MAGE soon, plus resources for coding, modeling, game design, etc. The goal is to turn MAGE not only into an easy way for people to create games, universes, and stories, but to also make it a learning tool so that users can learn the different facets of Game Design and become even better Game Designers.

Please feel free to post your feedback either on youtube or in the forums.

by Mike – D.’s Sandbox Moving To A New Home

October 23, 2016 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

D.’s Sandbox will be migrating and getting a name change! It will be called MAGE and it will be available at:

Facebook Updates:

This way it will help hopefully organize the two different projects so people aren’t confused. I will also have a youtube video set hopefully in the next week or so detailing the plans for both MAGE and Platinum Arts Sandbox. Thank you everyone for your continued support!

by Mike

D.’s Sandbox 1-30-2016 Release – Modern City Builder Edition

January 31, 2016 in Free Game Maker News, Highlight, Make A Game by Mike

D.’s Sandbox Modern City Builder Edition has been released!  D.’s Sandbox is a free open source game inspired by sandbox games such as Terraria, Minecraft and Infiniminer and based on the Minetest engine. This release adds the Modern City Builder subgame so that users can create their own cities. A big thanks to the awesome Minetest developers and Modders for helping make this release possible!

IMPORTANT: The /docsmike folder has links to tutorials for the different mods. Please post any comments or feedback in the forum! I’m very interested in your input and what you like, don’t like, and what you’d like to see added!  These images below are only the tip of the iceberg of what can be created now.  If you create any great screens please feel free to submit them and they may be posted on the site.

screenshot_20160130_205431 screenshot_20160130_205505

screenshot_20160130_205539 screenshot_20160130_205523

screenshot_20160130_200823 screenshot_20160130_200326

Key Features Of This Release Are In The Modern City Builder Gametype which includes:
* Asphalt, Road signs, traffic lights, etc
* Fishing
* Cars
* Carts and rails
* Wiring and the ability to generate electricity (Referred to as Mesecons)
* Pipes and chutes and the ability to move liquids and solids
* Farming with lots of new fruits and vegetables
* Skin changing (/m to access it)
* Minecarts and some different rails
* New inventory featuring a craft guide and lots more ( aka the Unified Inventory Mod) – I would love feedback on it especially vs the minetest default
* Hunger and Thirst System can be added to a world via the “configure” button
* WorldEdit Mod – A very power world editing tool added to a world via the “configure” button.
* Currency and Shops

Future Goals (some for a non school version):
* Animals such as cows, horses, sheep, etc. Horses will be rideable 🙂
* NPC Traders
* Monsters
* Generated villages and villagers
* Wandering adventuring NPCs that you can hire and/or interact with
* Aviation

Download D.’s Sandbox 1-30-2016 Modern City Builder Edition

by Mike

D.’s Sandbox – A free minecraft like game – 1-17-2016 Update

January 17, 2016 in Free Game Maker News, Make A Game by Mike

I’ve been working on a Modern City Builder Subgame for D.’s Sandbox which will be included in a new test build that I plan to release soon! It includes:
* Asphalt, Road signs, etc
* Cars
* Wiring and the ability to generate electricity
* Pipes and the ability to move liquids
* Farming with lots of new fruits and vegetables
* Skin changing
* Minecarts and some different rails

Also I still am planning on doing some youtube videos explaining about my current goals with D.’s Sandbox and also Sandbox Game Maker. Please feel free to comment about D.’s Sandbox and this post in the forums!

Here is also some D. Art for you to enjoy 🙂
12583629_578050432347490_402957156_nD. Atom 1

D. 2      D. 1

d. Atom 2