Adding Custom Skyboxes

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  • This tutorial will show you how to add custom skyboxes, as I've found through quite a bit of experimentation. This requires a lot of script editing, therefore I decided it would be placed here.
  • First, make sure you know and understand Cubescript well.
    • The menus are all made of Cubescript.
  • This is best done with Notepad++. That's what I used, and some features are extremely useful in doing this.
  • Now, to start, open up data/menus.cfg. Hit CTRL+F, and type in skybox. The first result of the search should be a list of skyboxes, starting with loopix. Select the loopix line and hit CTRL+F2. This will set a bookmark, which is very useful for later.
  • The next thing to do is to search again. This time, keep going until you find "newgui skies". Scroll down a bit, and set a bookmark next to "guitab skyboxes". To go back and forth between the two bookmarked lines, hit F2. Pretty useful, eh?
  • Now, to explain the coding of it: the first part (the list) is actually a list of the actual skyboxes, all under a title (e.g. skyboxes and dark). The second part is what calls the lists and places them into the menu you see in Sandbox.
  • To add a custom sky that's not by a creator that has a skybox we use (e.g. penguins), then go to the first part and add the name of the folder, an equals sign (=), and, in quotes, the name(s) of the skybox(es) there will be. For example:

    customboxes = "custom1 custom2 custom3"

  • If you're adding a skybox by a creator who we already have, then add the name of the skybox to their list in the first part. Anyways, back to the not-already-included creator:
  • Go to the second part and add a line. Type this: genskyitems $(foldername) foldername skybox. For example:

    genskyitems $customboxes customboxes skybox

  • To explain that line: the first part tells Sandbox what it's looking at. The second part says what folder to look in. The third part tells what title to give it. The fourth part says specifically what the found thing is to be (e.g. skybox, cloudbox, clouds).
  • From there, you can save, open up Sandbox, and view your work. If the menu becomes overly deformed, move around folder sections as needed, maybe make a new tab as well. You can split folders into two sections, as needed. The way to do that would be to create two lines in the first part, like this:

    customboxes = "custom1-10"
    customboxes2 = "custom11-20"

  • The second part would then be like this:

    genskyitems $customboxes customboxes skybox
    genskyitems $customboxes2 customboxes skybox

That's all there is to it.