Adding Models to Sandbox

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Adding Models to Sandbox

Creating Your Own Models

Interested in creating your own models and characters? We recommend using the free modeling tool Blender.
Blender Tutorials:
Blender 3D Noob To Pro

Wings3D Tutorials:

Adding Your Model To Sandbox

Sandbox supports .md2, .md3, .obj, .md5, .smd, and .iqm model formats.

For characters you should export as an md5. For static models .md3 and md5 are fine. For additional information on the models and commands that can be used with them, please see the Model Reference Guide

Exporting md3 models from Blender to Sandbox

Daniel_San's Tutorial (Recommended) - Forum Link With Pictures
Alternative Tutorial (OLDER)

Old Tutorial

Blender 2.47 (and 2.48?) guide (more up to date steps for 1 & 2)

1. First you need to download this zip file: [1]

You need to extract that zip into your Blender scripts folder. For me the pathname is: Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts

Notice the .blender, that means it is a hidden folder, so you need to make sure you can see hidden folders (or even just try to paste that path in the file browser).

Now load up blender and make sure you see .md3 as an export format. If you see it in there then you are all set to follow the next steps and eventually export the model.

2. Next we and UV map it. Hit tab for Edit Mode. In the "Mesh" menu click new next to UV Texture. Make the name skin.jpg Click A to make sure the cube is selected. Then click U and select Unwrap Smart Projections

3. Now we convert to triangles. Make sure you have everything selected still loan modification with A and that you are still in edit mode. Press SPACEBAR and go to EDIT -> FACES -> CONVERT TO TRIANGLES

4. Models must face east (Roate -90 degrees)

5. Follow the rest of the old tutorial linked at the top. Mainly, you need to export it now as an md3 and make a md3.cfg for it. You can look at the md3.cfg of other models to get an idea of what goes in there.

Exporting animated md3 models from Blender [2]