Adding custom songs to Sandbox

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Adding Songs

There are 2 ways to add custom songs to Sandbox. The first way is easy but the second way guarantees the music will work. This tutorial is based on Windows.

The easy way to add music

  • In the Sandbox directory go to my_stuff then packages
  • Create a folder and call it mymusic
  • Add mp3 files to the created folder.
  • Open Sandbox, go to jukebox, select the custom music tab, hit refresh and your music should appear.
  • Enjoy your custom music.

Not all mp3 codecs are supported. Some music will cause Sandbox to crash and others wont play correctly. Best to use 128Kbs files as they play correctly and wont crash sandbox. Other problems can be fixed by opening the files in Audacity and exporting them as mp3 (You need the LAME encoder plugin for Audacity) or export them as ogg files

The more advanced way to add music

  • In the Sandbox directory go to packages, then music
  • Only ogg files are supported. You can use a free program called Audacity to convert mp3 files to ogg than adjust the files to play correctly. You might want to rename the ogg files a simple name or a number. Don't use spaces in the file name. Use an underscore if you have to add a space. It will make it easier for the next step. If you don't have Audacity you can download it here
  • Place the ogg files in the music folder. Use 128Kbs ogg files as they play correctly.
  • Here comes the tricky part: open the data folder in the root directory and open the music.cfg with a text editor.
  • Under the basesonglist = [ at the beginning of the file. Add the names of the custom songs to the list. Each name must exactly match the name of the music file. Otherwise that song won't be visible in the game.
  • Save the file as a .cfg or save as and call it music.cfg, select the all files option and save it in the data folder and say yes to overwrite.
  • Open Sandbox and your songs will be in the default list when you go to the jukebox menu.

Note: in the newer versions of Sandbox you can use these sound formats: ogg, mp3, mod, mid, and wav. ogg files are best to use. They are the most stable music files and can be edited with Audacity if they don't play correctly. mp3 isn't supported in 2.8