Adding custom textures to a new map

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  • This Tutorial is divided into small chapters.
  • This will explain how to add simple textures to your Sandbox creation.
  • Original Tutorial

CHAPTER ONE: Creating Your Own Texture(s)

  • First, we're going to create our own textures for personal use in Sandbox.
  • I make my textures at the size of 512x512.

  • Now, save the textures you created with the names you want.
  • I named mine: texture_1.png and texture_2.png.

CHAPTER TWO: Creating a Folder

  • Now we're going to make our texture folder.
  • Open your Sandbox folder, and open "packages"
  • Inside "packages" create a folder, you can name it anything, but for this tutorial I used "mytextures"
  • Here is my path: C:\Documents and Settings\Jim\Desktop\Sandbox\packages\mytextures
  • Once created, drag your textures into the folder.

  • We're done with this chapter for now.

CHAPTER THREE: Creating Your Packages.cfg

  • Alright, now I'm going to show you how to create your own packages.cfg, and some little tips.
  • This part is VERY simple. First, open notepad. Inside notepad we want some brief text at the top, so what you're going to do is add this:
   // Tutorial Textures By Chaze007
  • The reason we add the "//" is to make it where the following text in that line, has no use. Basically anything that comes after "//" is not used. This is useful for removing a certain piece of code from your packages.cfg.
  • It doesn't delete the line of code, so you can come back and remove the "//" later when you want to use that line, or edit. The use of "//" is called commenting, and is sometimes referred to as "Commenting Out" something.
  • Now, we're going to add our shader within the packages.cfg.
  • This part is also very simple.
   // Tutorial Textures By Chaze007
   setshader stdworld
  • We're done with this step.
  • Now we get to add our textures within the packages.cfg.
  • This is usually the final step within your packages.cfg.
   // Tutorial Textures By Chaze007
   setshader stdworld
   texture 0 "mytextures/texture_1.png"
  • That's it. Now, I'm going to explain the parts of this.
    • texture 0 can have different values, like texture s or texture n.
      • These are used for different types of maps, like glow maps and such.
    • "mytextures/ is the folder your textures are in.
    • texture_1.png" is your texture's name.
  • Now lets finish this packages.cfg up!
   // Tutorial Textures By Chaze007
   setshader stdworld
   texture 0 "mytextures/texture_1.png"
   texture 0 "mytextures/texture_2.png"
  • That's all of my used textures. Now, say we want more, but we don't want to use them. We would comment them out, like this.
   // Tutorial Textures By Chaze007
   setshader stdworld
   texture 0 "mytextures/texture_1.png"
   texture 0 "mytextures/texture_2.png"
   //texture 0 "mytextures/texture_3.png"
   //texture 0 "mytextures/texture_4.png"
   //texture 0 "mytextures/texture_5.png"
  • We're basically done with this chapter, save your file as "packages.cfg" and drop it in your texture (mytextures) folder.

CHAPTER FOUR: Executing Your Packages.cfg

  • This part is extremely easy.
  • We're going to execute our packages.cfg from the main file.
  • Open your sandbox folder, then open "data"
  • When you're done with that for new maps open "default_map_settings" in notepad.
  • For existing maps open its -art.cfg located in my_stuff/packages/base or packages/base depending how you launch Sandbox (without the extra numbers, those are backups)
  • You should get an extremely long list of code.
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom.
  • You want to execute your packages.cfg so now we're going to add in this:
   exec packages/mytextures/packages.cfg
  • It's that simple!
  • This line basically tells Sandbox to add your packages.cfg (your textures) into sandbox.

CHAPTER FIVE: Testing Your Textures In Sandbox

  • Now you want to see if it works.
  • Open sandbox, Create a new map, and look at the last texture tab.
  • Obviously from the following image, it works*\

CHAPTER SIX: Adding Extras

  • Now that our textures work in Sandbox, we might want to add a little something extra within our textures folder.
  • You can add your own README.TXT with credits and such, or you can also add them in the packages.cfg with commenting.
  • You can add the TextureDocument.PSD (if you work in photoshop) for others to look at or to adapt your work.
  • You can add glow maps, and all of those things, and you can add your license if you have one.