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Basic Concept

After the defeat of the Evil King, Shadow Ogro went into hiding. Three years have passed and the Cabbage Golems returned to their peaceful state. Master Chef Ogro returned to his little bakery in Cider City to exhibit his master skills from the recipes learned on his last adventure. Far beyond Cider City and Cabbage Patch Fort, even farther than the Dough Bread Mountains, lurks a great evil. Inside Sugar Crystal Cave, a twisted plot is stirring. Reports of new creatures have been traveling across the kingdom of Ograria, where they reach Master Chef Ogro's ears. Master Chef Ogro picks up his wooden spoon and says "Let's bake this cake."

Title Concepts

  • The Exciting Adventures Of Master Chef Ogro 2 - The Shadow Returns

Main Game Goals

  • Keep the game grade school friendly as much as possible.
  • Keep it open, where you don't have to follow a single path.
  • Make it as easy and informative to read for younger audiences.
  • Give the game life, and personality.

Gameplay Concepts


  • Finding New Recipes to make stronger produce items such as golden apples.
  • Tempering ability to upgrade weapons/armors with the right materials, such as Ironware for stronger pot armor.
  • Special Produce collection to ' tame ' certain creatures to help you on your quest such as Candy Apples.
  • New currency, maybe seeds. Regular Seeds, Silver Seeds, Golden Seeds. Nice idea.
  • A sling to launch produce such as apples. Maybe upgradable.
  • Maybe have stage ranks, and whichever rank you score in win special items.
  • Life Fruit to give you more health

Puzzle Concepts

  • Use of ' Produce Side-Effects ' to get past certain parts. Like shrinking to fit in smaller areas.
  • Mini-Games to win certain prizes. Maybe to get past certain areas.
    • A practice mode?
  • Perhaps timed puzzle areas.
  • Mazes and enemy waves.

Combat Strategy Concepts

  • Upgradable weapons.
  • Augmented weapons for effects against certain enemies.

Creature Concepts

  • The Evil Sugar Army is full of many old and new creatures.

New Creature Concepts

  • Taffy Golem - Replacing the Cabbage Golem.
  • Malicious Chocolate Bar - No idea what to make these fellas do - Body slamming attacks?
  • Gumdrop Monsters - Small little buggers hard to hit.
  • Sugar Imps - These guys can throw unhealthy foods at you.
  • Evil Candy Chefs - They can conjure up other enemies, like summoners.

Recipe Concepts

  • Have hidden recipes throughout the game to upgrade stuff.
  • Maybe hide some temepring materials around.
  • Hidden stronger Side-Effect items.

Side-Effect (Spell) Concepts

  • Starfruit - Shoot Starfruit Energy.
  • Mini Pear - Turns you small.
  • Mega Pumpkin - Turns you giant.
  • Jalapeno - ?

Pitch in some more ideas please.