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Ideas For The Kid Friendly RPG

WORKING TITLE: The Exciting Adventures Of Master Chef Ogro - Fruits and Vegetables Extraordinaire

(Previous - Master Chef Ogro The Vegetable Crusader) (Produce Extraordinaire?)

Main Goals

  • Try to keep it E for Engorged with cake
  • Use a cel shader for a cartoony look
  • Keep it grade school friendly if possible

Main Objective - Stop evil village (Evil Chef/monster) from destroying all produce and filling the world with his unhealthy cakes

Secondary Objective - Find and save the rare produce.

Tertiary Objective - Increase your culinary skills by using and upgrading various kitchen utensils and foods

Gameplay concepts


  • Finding rare Super Squash gives adds to your health bar (like a heart container)
  • Certain produce grants certain abilities such as running fast, flying, taming creatures such as a dragon, super jump, super health? etc
  • "bad" produce when thrown at an enemy will have a certain effect, freeze, slow, sleep, run away, stop time?
  • Magic bag of replication - serves kind of like mana for the fruit "spells".
  • Food sling that can be upgraded? Enhances the effects of the fruit? or how about it holds a certain amount of fruit
  • Melee produce?
  • Getting back part of recipes (completing the level)


  • Use the thrill of being chased, jumping.
  • Idea of various mini games to proceed to the next room
  • Timers for certain puzzles
  • Simple running with obstacles - is a great example


  • Having different weapons, such as a long carrot, spatula, 2 pots connected by string cheese (nun chucks, cheese chucks? HEHEHE)
  • The more you use a weapon the better you get at it and the stronger it is. and more combos?
  • Not all weapons work on every bad guy, some are better than others


  • They are attracted to the super squash and try to eat it. If they eat it all you are sent back to your last "regrow center" to regrow the squash.

Monster types

  • butterfly
  • bear
  • dragon
  • cabbage golem
  • wolf
  • elf dude
  • snake dragon
  • goblin
  • horse?

Prototype level - Farm where there is a nearby cave and you need to find a special fruit. - Save it from a rock golem boss and his minions that want to squish all the produce and destroy the special fruit. - Instead of "coins" or "currency" you barter with a special fruit called funny fruit. - You can collect them all over the world and trade them in for other fruit and items. - You can tame animals and use them to run you to places faster.


IN THE LAND OF ORGRAREA(org rare re a)

UPDATE: There is an evil king who is trying to get the people of the land of Ograria fat by feeding them cake (launching it with catapults?). He wants to get them fat so that they will be unable to resist his attempts to take over Ograria so that he can have all the delicious vegetables for himself. He has created a master chef of his own called Shadow Ogro. Shadow Ogro can harness the power of rotten produce to create produce monsters which are going around trying to terrorize the populace and take their super squash and valuable produce. The Evil King and Shadow Ogro want to make people scared to eat vegetables so that they will eat his cake. Ogro, Master Chef for the King of Ograria is not about to let this happen and wants to restore the joys of eating produce for everyone and stop this unhealthy take over. Also he might have a "Chefress" who gets kidnapped.

On his way to a cooking contest. Master chef ogro has his major ingredients for the contest stolen by some wild animals. He has to find his taken ingredients from the animals while keeping his own ingredients he still has safe. The bad chef stole a secret recipe to the best tasting food in the world. Even worse he turned the recipe against Chef Ogro and is using cake instead of vegetables to help make monsters and continue to take over the world. Ogro has to get the pieces of the recipe back while still stopping the bad chef from taking over the world with his cake.

Brainstorming area

Adding Jokes (joke npc?) and Joke magic, jokes that are so corny they do damage to the produce creations. Here is an example of corny jokes:
Ideas for it:
Jokes about certain produce do more "damage" to it? Find different jokes to combine them to make one super joke that is a spell?

melee - Vegetable extractor - different lvls, upgrades, new ones found
strong pump: slow to pump but massive extracting
fast pump: not much extracting but quick extraction action

Spells - vegetable
starfruit - shoots starfruit energy

Map Ideas: Spiral going either up or down with monsters attacking you on the way down. Having to not get hit by the flying monkeys trying to get your squash. If hit you need to chase it down and get your super squash.

Sleeping Animals that you have to get past them to get super squash.

Dragon Riding

Glitch World!!! A weird messed up world where you sometimes get teleported to the object is to get the super squash/recipe bit and return to the regular world.

              • CONCEPT OF CHARACTERS**********
            • OGRO******
  • Has a white shirt(chef coat)
  • Has a pot on his head
  • various cooking instruments used as armor such as (pots, pans, bowls,Table cloth cape,
            • Evil Chef ****
  • Black apron
                  • Shadow Ogro******
  • Same as Ogro except black colored like a shadow.