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Models Wanted List


  • Vegetable extractor (a vegetable type pump) - serves as the kid friendly rpg melee attack
  • A frog with animations to be The Master Chef's companion
  • (DONE) Treasure chest with open and close animation. (Captain Ahab made one.)
  • Cabbage - Assigned to Mike/calimer
  • Monsters for the sidescroller - Mike/calimer working on one
  • doors with opening, and mapmodel animations. kinda sci-fi ish. see door1.jpg for a messy concept drawing. Also one to fit in an rpg and one for modern times
  • Elevator/Platform models, something like out of jak and daxter (a round thing that hovers or has some fire or something underneath it) would be quite cool. (Captain Ahab made one.)
  • More Varieties of trees, from small ferns to huge overgrown oaks and willows. (preferably with licence no stricter than CC-BY-SA)
  • (DONE) A waterwheel, like those medieval kind that spins around as a stream pushes it. (Captain Ahab made one.)
  • A player character for sandbox lite (it needs to meet debian free, so CC3 BY SA at the most)
  • Map Models for weapons. vegetable pump, Carrot Launcher, snow ball projectiles, and other weapons.
  • More models safe for commercial use


  • master chef ogro model with chef hat and potentially pots and pans that can be used for armor
  • Squirt gun models for the water wars mode
  • Kid player models for water wars mode
  • vegetable related creatures
  • evil king for the RPG
  • Animals - Deer (eats grass, drinks water),
  • bunnies hopping around
  • Npcs - miner, fishing dude
  • bird(s)
  • frogs
  • more fish? whales? dolphins?


  • an eye candy map to show off the graphics

Would be nice

  • levels for the sidescroller, though it is getting a lot of updates.
  • any levels with fun and unique gameplay/quests
  • levels for the RPG
  • a big metro style city


  • Better variety of textures arranged in folders (cc-by-sa at most)
  • More music and sounds (must be commercial use friendly)