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FPS mode can be considered a basic, default mode of Sandbox. FPS mode utilizes a variety of entities and it uses basic Cubescript (as opposed to RPG Cubescript) for scripting/programming. FPS mode is good for learning to use the editor and other basics before moving on to using RPG mode for making games. Here are some keybinds for FPS mode:

  • E: Toggles edit mode.
  • F2: Brings up the texture menu.
  • F3: Brings up the materials menu.
  • F4: Brings up the sky menu.
  • Space: Jump
  • W, A, S, D: to move around. Also arrow buttons.
  • Esc: Brings up the main menu.
  • 9: first/third person toggle
  • 0: change playermodel

FPS mode may, in future versions, come with a "water wars" mode.