How to make a trigger load another map

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To make a trigger that will load up a new map you need to do this:

  • Have 2 maps, In the current example "map1" and "map2"
  • Open folder "my_stuff/packages/base"
  • Create a configuration file for your map (yourmapname.cfg) In current case "map1.cfg"
  • Open it, prferably in ConText or Notepad++, just Notepad will do the trick, but its highly not recommended to use it.
  • Write the following into your map cfg file:
 level_trigger_1 = [
 echo "You completed the map!"
 echo "New map will be map2"
 sleep 5000     //this is because otherwise the other map would come instantly, but if you want that then don´t write it :P
 map map2
  • Save the cfg file.
  • Open up sandbox and load "map1"
  • Place a mapmodel which you want to teleport to next map from. (I like to use particles instead of mapmodels, to do that make an invisible model, by setting the model number to -1 and just place a particle on top of the model :P)
  • Select it and press F3
  • Set the "trigger type" to 1
  • Set the "trigger tag" to which level_trigger you want, In current case 1
  • test it out

Note: Make two copies of your original map1 as precaution against errors in the coding. It will save a lot of time. Also, ConText is free to download if you have not already.