Map Editing Basics

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Video to Get you Started

Here is a video tutorial: YouTube Video

Note: The video is hosted on youtube which might have content not appropriate for kids.


Press Spacebar to jump Use the arrow keys or w,a,s,d for movement.

Editing your map (Edit Mode)

Click E to enter edit mode! Select an area of land with your mouse, dragging with the left mouse button or clicking with the right mouse button. Then use your mouse wheel to edit what you have selected! Click E again to return to world mode and walk around in your creation.

Using the all powerful menu

Hit the ESC key to enter the menu - There are a lot of options in the menu such as adding cool new objects such as jump pads! Make sure you are in edit mode if you want to see all of the options!

Heightmap Mode

Press H to enter heightmap mode. You can have an area selected then scroll the mousewheel to make hills and mountains if you want to make sure it doesn't mess up other parts of your map. You don't need an area to use heightmap, just hit H and scroll the mousewheel.


Use your third mouse button or press the mouse wheel and drag it across the top of the block you want to make the ramp from. You should see white boxes being formed as you drag. Then scroll the mouse wheel forward until you have your desired angle.

To Make Water, Lava, and Other Materials

1st Method

Create a hole or area to put the water into. Use the right mouse button to select the area to fill with water. You can use F3 to then add in the water or use ` (above tab) to get into the console and type editmat water. Typing just water works as well.

2nd Method

Select where you want the water and click F3 to use the material menu or then hit ` (above tab) to enter the console. Type editmat water then ENTER. Then scroll forward on the mousewheel. To make deeper patches of water use G + mousewheel to increase the grid size and then use the editmat command.


Enter edit mode and select where you want the model to be placed. Then hit ESC to enter the menu then select "new mapmodel" A simple way to duplicate the models fast is to select a created model and hit C. Then select where you want the new one and hit V

To Save Your Map

Use the menu or hit the ` key (above tab) then type /savemap mapname mapname is the name of your map Your Map will be saved in the Packages/Base folder. Save often!!

Loading Your Saved Map

Use the menu or hit the ` key (above tab) or T then type /map mapname. mapname,of course, is whatever you named your map when you saved it.


Press F12 ! You might want to convert the image to a different filetype using a free program such as irfanview or The Gimp since screenshots are saved in bmp which are big in size.

Changing Gravity and the Jump Value

The commands have changed to /setgravity and /jumpvelocity, just to avoid any funny stuff with the code in 2.1

Press ` (above tab) for the console. Then enter gravity and a number eg gravity 1000

Press ` (above tab) for the console. Then enter jumpvel and a number eg gravity 1000

Important Keys Cheatsheet

spacebarto jump
arrow keys or w,a,s,dto move
ESCto enter the menu
F2Texture Menu
F3Material Menu
F4Skybox Menu
Eto switch into and out of edit mode. Click on what you want to edit - You can drag the mouse to select more area.Use the mousewheel to push and pull your selection. Hit the Jump key to deselect (default Spacebar)
Y + Mouse Wheelto change textures
Q + Mouse Wheelto push and pull a corner
F + Mouse Wheelto push and pull all 4 corners at once
R + Mouse Wheelto rotate
G + Mouse Wheelto change the grid size
Henters heightmap mode. Select a created block and scroll the mouse wheel (doesn't work in COOP, there has been no luck in changing it)
Uto undo one step (doesn't work in COOP)
Ito redo a step (doesn't work in COOP)
Lturns on fullbright, easy way to see models properly (must be in edit mode)
Xmirror relative to the side of the white box
F12Takes a screenshot
Backspacedeletes an entity, if an entity isn't selected, it'll just delete the geometry, that's the cubes and materials
. (period)edits an entity (select the entity and press to change values)
` (above tab) or Tto enter the command prompt
<shift> + 0toggles a setting that'll allow you to texture all the faces of a cube
<shift> + 7switches between wireframe colors.

Command Prompt Entries

/savemap mapnameSave your map (Change mapname to what you want to save as)
/map mapnameLoads the map mapname (Type map and hit TAB to scroll available maps.)
editmap waterCreates water when you forward scroll
editmap aiclipCreates a creature entity clip that you can move through.

For a complete reference of commands refer to the Editing Reference Guide.