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This space will be used to promote websites related to Platinum arts Sandbox. Any sites hosting games built in PAS, maps, scripts, mods, textures, models and/or sounds (they must be public domain or have similar licences to PAS content), feel free to put the links to the sites on this page. If you have your own site that has sandbox content feel free to promote it here. If you are posting your own site post it like this.

If you are posting a site you found on Google or an advertisement do not add your username.

The following sites that are prohibited are listed

  • Sites primarily for promotion or commercial purposes (advertising products, selling products, making someone noticed etc.)
  • Sites containing malware, spyware, viruses etc. that will harm your computer or compromise with your security
  • Sites used for phising or scamming
  • Sites not suitable for kids (contains violence, horror, pornography etc.)
  • Sites designed to attack (harassment, discrimination, spam etc.)
  • Sites that don't contain sandbox content
  • Sites that don't make sense or too difficult to understand
  • Sites written in a language other than English
  • Sites that require a sign up/ log in or a paid subscription (some exceptions apply)
  • Sites containing copyrighted content (some exceptions apply if original creator grants permission and licence is adhered to)
  • Illegal sites
  • Wiki pages (Sandbox has a wiki and you are reading it. If you find another wiki related to PAS please let us know)
  • Facebook/Twitter pages or accounts

Any site that violates these terms will be removed and the user who posted the site may have their account suspended

There are no sites posted yet. Be the first person to post a site and to remove this message.