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Work in Progress

if you don't know what the .deb and .rpm file containers are used for, or what yast, or apt, or yum, or whatever is, please go back now.

What to modify

Sandbox by default is set up to install inside /usr/local/sandbox, the scripts which controls this is sandbox_unix_usr, and for the source parts, src/

you should see a variable near the top named SANDBOX_DIR or similar, change it's value to point to your preferred path for installation

for /usr/bin/sandbox, link it to ${SANDBOX_DIR}/sandbox_unix_usr

The files automatically store the user's personal data inside ~/.platinumarts

Security freaks

Sandbox statically compiles against enet, a UDP networking library.

For those who are most likely going to be attacked by the security team for including sandbox with a statically compiled version of Enet, Compile it with dynamic links, but make sure to include the latest version of enet. The maintainer for Enet works on the cube 2 engine, and hence the most up to date version of the library can be found from the sauerbraten repository.

svn co enet



  • libSDL
  • libSDL_mixer
  • libSDL_image
  • libGL (provided by either mesa or the proprietary OpenGL drivers)


  • smpeg - for mpeg3 playback
  • mikmod - for mod playback
  • timidity - for mid playback


  • wxwidgets 2.8 (unicode)