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  • hotkeys
  • special item properties
    • money (constant value for all purposes)
    • cursed status
    • unidentified status
      • hide true power or make it a lot less useful?
  • (maybe?) character generation
  • sneaking/stealth
    • light and visibility
    • silhouettes and light levels?
    • stealing
  • proper friendly fire protection
    • 0 - no protection (default)
    • 1 - prevents you from hurting yourself
    • 2 - 1 + prevents you from hurting allies
    • 3 - allows injury to hostile characters only
  • spell types
    • movement (paralysis counters)
    • vocal (silence counters)


  • the consume use case for books and potions.
  • statusgroups on items
    • temporary spells that alters the properties of the weapon
    • multiple at once with different targets.
  • temporary spell effects for wielded items,
    • multiple status effects on a single use, separate chargeflags, multiplier, duration and element.
    • make sure to use each for the right purpose
  • Projectiles
    • improve ricochet, gravity related stuff is funky
  • status types
    • dispel - should work on individual effects
    • silence
    • paralysis/stun
  • Expose a tonne of constants to Cubescript for configuration at the game maker's discretion. These include leveling and power curves
  • arbitrary trigger bounding box scales


  • inventory
    • item examination
  • status effects
  • trade
  • stats
  • crafting
  • journal
  • newui variants


  • (maybe) allow in game apparatuses to act as a catalyst
    • (maybe) several catalysts and ingredients list? or just duplicate and alter the recipe?


  • queued prioritised actions
    • most important done first
    • multitasking
  • waypoints
    • randomness
    • state - don't favour waypoints which are in use
  • ai tags
    • identify purpose and effect of entities in game world for the AI (parsing the script for these is simply not practical)
      • alternatively use simpler more specific types, such as "door", "container", "portal" and "mover" as opposed to a singular "object"


  • some sort of skipping bar (1000 ms?) to prevent accidental skips


  • particles for active spell effects
  • render attachments/equipment
  • animations for weapons
    • generic animations, unarmed strike, melee strike, bow shoot, gun shoot, etc


  • sorting and filters


  • sounds while charging spells
  • sounds for projectile firing, travel and death
  • sounds for active statusgroups
  • (maybe) voiced dialogue


  • flat file export of current script/data definitions (maybe)
    • couple with ingame menus for realtime modification (maybe)
  • save and restore AI directives


  • set particle effects for entity afflicted status effects
  • vary spawned amount of particles depending on distance (few when close, full amount when far away)