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TO DO LIST for the Undercover Kids Game geared for 3rd - 5th Graders Undercover Kids Homepage


Concept Art

Official Photo Gallery



Attic Concept Art
Barn And Hole with Man Hole Concept Art


Concept Art
Find more pictures for references :)
Area with a manhole (house?)

3D Art and Animation

Character Concept
Katie (with fake cel shading?)

Katie is Jake's older sister, she is very confident and responsible.

Jake(with fake cel shading?)

Jake is young and somestimes unsure of himself, but he likes to solve mysteries and puzzles.

Cooper (dog)

Cooper is a unique and curious dog that always seems to be getting into trouble but he doesn't mind.

Aunt Jean

Kind and sweet, her farm holds many mysteries.


Dirk has been traveling a very long time and is very mature.

Trunk (use Ahabs?)

The Trunk is old, wise and funny.

Farm Animals?

Holland People

Will develop.

2D Art

Flowers Example
Wheat (already in Master Chef but could be improved)




Perhaps Traveling to Neighboring Farms? Jumping Puzzles?

Just some ideas: Game starts off in the house where they interact with Aunt Jean- who tells them to be good, she will be back, etc. Kids complain that they are bored. And they hear a booming noise; house shakes pictures fall they have to play the memory game with the pictures. After they solve it they hear the trunk talking. Go up to the attic where they solve the trunk’s riddle game in order to get the magic glasses/bands. Then the front door opens and they can go out the barn to play another game. Where they swing and avoid objects. After the game they get another object for their inventory that can help them later in the game such as magic money. After that the barn’s back door opens and they find the tunnel/Dirk. Enter the tunnel to solve another puzzle in order to move on to level 2: Holland. We were thinking of making the puzzle one where you have to change all the lights in the tunnel a certain color to move forward.


Finding Cooper (quests needed to be completed before characters will give information?)
Helping other residents of Holland find missing items, or people, or running errands, gathering supplies/resources (apples for pie like in village), etc Jumping Puzzles? Hard to get to locations?

Game Summary

Book Summary:
Meet The Undercover Kids... Katie, Jake, and their dog, Cooper. Every Summer Katie, Jake and Cooper visit their Aunt Jean’s farm in upstate NY. And every summer it’s the same thing, until one summer they discover an entirely new world of mystery, magic and adventure. As they explore their aunt’s farm, they find not only a tunnel in the back of the barn, but magical purple bands that allow them to travel through the tunnel. In this first adventure the kids end up traveling to Holland. There, Cooper gets lost and the children get caught up in a number of crazy adventures! Once they discover this world, they realize that becoming an undercover kid has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Game Objective:
Players must solve game puzzles in order to move on to the various levels. Collect items along the way to gather points. That way they will keep playing to beat their past “top score.” Also maybe make the game have an over all mission such as Cooper always goes missing and you have to find him in the different levels. We want the game to be educational, but still fun.

Rough conversation summarizing:
We have a farm map for the first level. First, the characters start off in their Aunt's Farm house where they have to solve some puzzles and find the trunk in the attic and the magic purple wristbands. Then they can move on to the barn level. Lastly, after the barn level they discover the tunnel level, where the kids first meet the mysterious Dirk from Holland and he tells them that if you have a magic purple wristband you can use the tunnel to travel anywheree in the world you choose. The ideas for Holland are in the works but an idea is that their dog gets lost and they have to find it.
I was thinking it would be neat to have to unravel clues to try to find the dog, like work as a detective to put together stuff found that clues you in and also since hirato has his NPCs in the new RPG where they have different levels of friendliness, maybe you know someone knows something but since they don't know you they won't give you the info. Help them out though and they are more willing to talk.

Music And Sound

Farm Theme Music?
Holland Theme Music?


Still need help with this, but will have a better understanding of what we need when game levels are figured out.

Public Relations

What schools is it going to be pitched to?
First we will contact schools in the following counties: Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, and Dutchess in NY. Then if game catches on, we can branch out to other NY schools.

How will it be advertised?
On Sandbox, on The Undercover Kid's website (, on our magazine's websites ( and and in our publications.

Is the audience schools, or kids outside of school, or both?