Water Wars Guide

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/dm = drenchmatch (a free for all)

/tdm = team drenchmatch

/ctf = capture the flag (bananas actually, /newent flag makes sure to set the teams, 1 is blue, 2 is red)

/savethebanana = base capture mode (/newent base)

/capture = works now too

/idm = Insta drenchmatch

/itdm = Insta team drenchmatch

Entities - /newent nameoftheentity


Server Client Commands

/connect - connect to a server using the IP /sendmap /getmap These two commands allow you to send other players maps they may not have while in multiplayer mode, and easily keep maps in sync while doing coop edit. "sendmap" reloads the current map you are on, then uploads it to the server and sends every other player a message about it. Other players can then simply type "getmap" to receive the current map, which is written to their local disk then reloaded. A second variant "sendmap name" is available which is particularly useful for coop editing, which first does a "savemap name" before performing the actual "sendmap". Thus in both cases you must already be on the map you want to send before issuing the command! (in some multiplayer that requires voting). Also note that "getmap" operates on the last map send by some other player, whatever it is.

Server admin: /setmaster B - Attempts to set master status to B. 0 gives up master status, 1 claims master status, or the admin password may be specified to steal master status from the current master. If you specify a password, you are granted "admin" status, which allows you to enable server features that an ordinary master can't.

/mastermode N - Sets the server to master mode N. N can be (ranging from very open to very private): 0 (open): anyone can enter the server. This is the default mode. It is good for games with random people, if no cheaters appear to be around. 1 (veto): as 0, but now the master can force map changes. This is good when playing with new players who may not understand how to vote for map changes. 2 (locked): as 1, but anyone joining after this mode has been set will be forced to be spectator only. This mode is ideal for tournament play, or games with friends only. 3 (private): as 2, but now noone can join the server anymore. Good for games with friends when cheaters are around, cheaters wont even connect, so wont have the chance to try and screw things up.

/kick - kick a client by their # It is actually a ban. The Player's number is displayed in Tab (Cn) /clearbans /goto /pausegame

Bots - Make sure to claim admin - They work but need some love addbot [SKILL] - Adds a bot at skill level SKILL if provided, or defaults to a random skill level between 50 and 100 if not provided. You must be master or playing locally to use this command. Bots may only be added up to the server specified bot limit unless you are an admin or local player. This also causes waypoints to load if any are available for the current map. You need to place waypoints on a map for them to work.

delbot - Removes a bot. You must be master or playing locally to use this command.

botlimit N - Sets the bot limit for masters to N. This limit does not effect admins or local players. Only admins or local players can use this command.

botbalance B - Enables automatic team balancing for bots if B=1 and disables it if B=0. Only masters or local players can use this command.


First load your map. Type /showwaypoints 1 Then make sure your not in edit mode. Then type /dropwaypoints 1 Then start running around the map placing the waypoints also third person helps. Only jump when you need to jump. Then type /savewaypoints Then type /savemap Now type /showwaypoints 0 Then your good to go. You can load your map and play with bots now. If you want to edit your waypoints go into edit mode and load your map. Type /loadwaypoints Then you can start adding more waypoints. If you wish to start over type /clearwaypoints