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examples of code contributions

  • bug fixes
  • additional features
  • cleanups

if you've any of the above, send them to Hirato, the code will be included if he approves. He can be contacted through the forums (the PM system) or via IRC (the latter is recommended).
If you desire any feedback on your code, post it in the "Show of Your Work in Progress" forum, and tag it with [patch] - eg "[patch]continuous jumping", for a patch that makes you jump nonstop.

If you lack any ideas of what to implement, should you wish to contribute in this way, there are various todo lists that should help you out

Making several good patches, which are accepted, is a good way of convincing us you have what it takes to be on the development team.


The files in the engine and the respective game modules use slightly differing styles... The easiest way is simply to remain consistent with the style present in the file.

For more detailed information, see Coding Style


By sending in your code, YOU give US permission to relicense the code under the zlib/libpng license and include it as part of our source distribution(s), irregardless of the code's original license. By extension, this means you're NOT PERMITTED to REVOKE permission for us to use the code, should you decide you no longer wish for your code to be inside sandbox


This category includes custom maps, models and textures. Just send them in, if they're of acceptable quality, and of an acceptable license, we'll add them right in.
You can also post them on the forums, we tend to look there occasionally, and the community would doubtlessly be excited to see what people are making/working on for sandbox


These are a listing of licenses we recommend for art assets included in sandbox.

  • Creative Commons - Attribution
  • Creative Commons - Attribution + Share-Alike
  • MIT/X11
  • Public Domain



As a rule of thumb, there are ALWAYS bugs, if you're up to it, just use sandbox as you normally would, and keep an eye out for any oddities, and put extra effort into trying to break things. Should something go wrong, give us the exact steps you took, and we'll do out best to fix it. We recommend using the SVN version.

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